mercredi 10 février 2010

Night in Sicilia

Night in Sicilia.
Once again Maud gave me her pictures from Sicilia. Tomorow i will show you Palerne's architecture and the volcanos.

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from our front porch... a dit…

These pics are incredible, Catherine! Thank you to Maud and to you, for sharing them!!

Stay warm with all that beautiful snow. I hope you are feeling better, too :)
xo, misha

maurakeith a dit…

Catherine your daughter is a true adventurer! She reminds me of my oldest daughter Angie who lives in British Columbia. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful pictures and your daughters adventures! Maura

Acorn Cottage a dit…

Oh Catherine!
The pictures are beautiful! What a treat for the eyes! My husband is part Italian and his great-grandfather is from Sicily. We hope to be able to visit some day!
Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs!