jeudi 4 février 2010

Needle work- broderie.

My mother who will be 82 on Saint Valentine's day, is a very patient and quite person. She can stay hours sitting in her arm chair doing needle work . She loves  nature , birds and flowers and today as a Birthday present i decided to show you some of her work ( there will be a second part because it would be too long today. So here is her needle work!
First work, it makes me think of my loved Scotland!
As i don't have spring flowers in the house , i have them on material!
After our cruise, the sun came back today but not for long, tomorow it will rain again! i wish you a nice day.

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Jackie a dit…

What a wonderful mother to have the patients to do such intricate needlework.They all look so beautiful, the colours are so clear and bright.Treasures to be kept for generations.

Wishing your mother a very happy birthday on Valentines day next week.

Jackie in UK.

Pilar a dit…

Tu madre es toda una artista!!! Felicítala de mi parte por esos bordados tan delicados y estupendos que realiza,son toda una obra de arte y desde luego merecen un homenaje.
Por cierto ,el catorce de febrero también es el cumpleaños de mi hermana, qué coincidencia mas bonita !!!....ese día me acordaré de ti y de tu madre.
Un abrazo muy fuerte desde Galicia.

Catherine a dit…

To Pilar: Sorry i did not answer back, but i am used to answer on the blog and i don't find yours? so i suddenly realized i could answer you here! Thank you so much for your nice comments and Happy Birthday to your sister too.I hope you'll find my message.Besos Catherine

Sea Witch a dit…

Hello Catherine: So glad I found your blog from you visiting mine. Your mother's needlework is lovely. What a treasure of family heritage you can display throughout your home. I'm sea green with envy. Sea Witch

Sage a dit…

What beautiful work! Thank you for sharing those pictures.
Your mother is as angel; happy birthday to your mom.

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

What beautiful work she does! And how lovely that she enjoy spending her time, so doing.

Happy Birthday to her, a bit early!!!

And I'm so glad you are better!!!

Gentle hugs...

Desde mi ventana a dit…

Wonderful work your mother does!!
Happy birthday to her.
Big hug,

Pilar a dit…

Catherine ,muchísimas gracias por contestarme!!! me ha hecho muchísima ilusión leer tus palabras,ha sido para mí algo especial.
Yo no tengo ningún blog "propio",leo blogs a los que llego por otros enlaces y me hago seguidora si encuentro "algo que me atrape y me enamore " en ellos ,como fue el caso del tuyo.
Me encanta poder ver las fotos de tu blog con esa música relajante de fondo..todo un placer!!!
Un abrazo enorme Catherine.

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

Your mothers work is beautiful!! I wish I could do those difficult stiches your mother uses! Your so lucky to have such beautiful tablecloths and napkins made by her!!

Lieve groet, Madelief

love lives in the kitchen a dit…

what a wonderful collection! your mom is an artist...
have a sweet day,

Celestial Charms a dit…

Such beautiful work. What a talented woman she must be. A happy birthday wish for her, from me. Thanks for showing us such pretty needlework.

Country Dreaming a dit…

What beautifulhaniwork. She did a beautiful job!

How lucky you are to have these!


Annalisa a dit…

What a wonderful work!Your mother is so talented.
Have a lovely day,

Grandma Yellow Hair a dit…

I love these pictures of your mothers hand work. How blessed she is to be so creative. These are absolutely beautiful. And lovely of you to do this post for her birthday.
Be sure and wish her a very Happy Birthday

Diane a dit…

Catherine, how beautiful and skilled work this is by your mother!


maurakeith a dit…

Catherine your mother does BEAUTIFUL needlework...what a wonderful keep sake. I too love the Scottish thistle...Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. One day I hope to go back. I hope you get your sunshine soon...we are getting very tired of clouds and fog here in Kansas. Unfortunately we have snow coming again on Sunday...looking forward to spring. Love the music with the bag pipes..don't know why but they always make me cry. Enjoy your day!