mercredi 3 février 2010

MYKONOS , PATMOS and SANTORINI ( end part two)

Next stop Mykonos and Patmos.
Sun , heat and blue sky...
They dry the pulps under the sun.
The mascot of Mykonos, 
It was nice but very, very hot end of September!
The famous windmills.
Very early in the morning.

The monastery is full of icones and beauties, but pictures are not allowed!

I hope you have enjoyed the cruise, have a good day!

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Pilar a dit…

Me encanta el azul del cielo y del mar!! ..desde muy pequeñita ,el mar me ha transmitido energía al igual que lo han hecho hoy tus fotos,una auténtica delicia para la vista.
Gacias por compartirlas con nosotros .Un abrazo enorme ,Catherine!!

Rural Revival a dit…

Beautiful sights on a cold snowy day in Canada. : )


Celestial Charms a dit…

So very picturesque. I love the Greek Islands. I could live on any one of them forever, but my absolute favorite is Santorini. Heaven on Earth! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

Beautiful pictures. Pretty white houses against a blue sky!! It must be great making a cruise. Is that your ship laying in the harbour?!

Happy evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonsoir Catherine,

Mais oui, I enjoyed the cruise very much. Such a lovely photographs! They make me wanna be there ....

Have a sweet evening.


Nezzy a dit…

These amazing pictures makes this old cold farm chick long for melting snow and warm summer days. {SIGH!!!}
Thanks for the cruise takin' me away from winter for a little while.

God bless ya'll and have a fabulous day!!!

Sage a dit…

Comme c'est beau!
Ça fait du bien; merci

Country Dreaming a dit…



Cottage Cozy a dit…

The blue in each photo is magnificent! What a beautiful place to be!

Leslie a dit…

ohmygosh.. I wanna come! What a beautiful place!!!!!

Auntie Cake a dit…

Oh thank you for taking us along on your cruise. I can feel the warm sun on my face as I write! Unfortunately, the sun here is hidden behind clouds today, but I so enjoyed the stroll through the marketplace, (how I wish I could see, smell and hear it all...) and the beautiful mountainside, the monastery. I feel as if I have just come back from vacation!