lundi 1 février 2010

Morning pictures

I'm back for the giveaway , i' m recovering slowly. I want to thank you all for your  friendly and warm messages.I 've prepared some pictures before I was ill, but this afternoon i will do another post on  tomorow's Chandeleur celebration. See you later! These pictures of hearts are to thank you!

As it is soon  "St Valentine "I had a look round the house and took pictures of the little hearts .
This one is from Eva from Spain.
This neddle cross stitch was done by my mon.
Some morning pictures.Today it's cold but sunny!
These little sweets are from an old recipe , they taste like " violette " and the others are called 
"Poppies ".

The little lace basket was given to me, it comes from Moldavia (Angelica from Moldavia gave it to me)


8 commentaires:

Annalisa a dit…

So good to know that you're gradually recovering!
What a nice post you made today!All those sweet little hearts put me in the St Valentine's mood :)

Hugs, and take good care of you dear Catherine!


Shades of Nature a dit…

All you need ist Love...

Pilar a dit…

Me alegro muchísimo de que ya te encuentres bien ,Catherine!!!
Gracias por todos esos corazones que nos enternecen al mirarlos.
Un abrazo enorme.

Madlinka a dit…

So pretty hearts especially this white,I love hearts!
And so pretty corone!

Hugs from Poland!

Eva a dit…

I love hearts too...I have some in my bedroom.
Your are so pretty.
I am happy that you come back ;)
Un beso

Country Dreaming a dit…

Glad to see that you are doing better. It was nice to see you at Dreaming.
All the pictures are beautiful!

See you soon.


maurakeith a dit…

Bonjour Catherine! I have just found your Blog and I love it. France is such a beautiful country I haven't seen much of it..only from the bus from Calais to Paris (from London). My Sister who lives in London took me on a bus tour of Paris. I fell in love with the city even though I am NOT a city girl. We only had 4 days there which wasn't near enough...but it was a taste of your culture which I loved. I will be back again to 'visit' you and your beautiful home!

Anonyme a dit…

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