mardi 2 février 2010

Let's go on a cruise! Part One.

Hello!          (you my click on pictures to enlarge )
As the weather is not very good, let me take you on a cruise! this post will have two or three parts.First we'll leave to  " ISTAMBUL " the door to Orient.
Let us embark on  the " Cristal "
we will soon approach the Bosphore and see the town. On the left side the oriental part and on the right side the european part , the two part linked by a bridge.
These boats are taking us into the  port , a very dangerous task.
The Occidental part of the town.
Country of mosques and minarets: Saint Sophie and  the  Blue Mosque.
It's a real beauty!
The Bazar market , full of colors , smells of spices ,teas...
Topkapi's palace, with it's magnificant jewels( no photo allowed...)
This is the end of the part one of our cruise, i hope you enjoyed it ! the next stop will be in greece,see you later if you need  SUN!!!

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Paris Pastry a dit…

I love cruises! I'm going on a Norwegian cruise this summer!

Pilar a dit…

Qué belleza de fotos!!! el mercado de Bazar me tiene fascinada con sus colores,parece que lo estuviese visitando ahora mismo...todas las imágenes son maravillosas.
Ojalá algún día pueda conocer esos lugares durante mi propio viaje.Un abrazo enorme.

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

Oh you have been so fortunate to make a cruise, and then to Istanbul!!! That city is on my wish list as well. The combination of the East and and the Western world looks very inviting to me. Looking forward to your other pictures.

Have a happy evening!

Lieve groet, madelief

Desde mi ventana a dit…

What a trip Catherine!! . The contrast between east and west must be wonderful.It's one of the places that I want to know. Thank you for sharing images.
Have a nice evening,

Celestial Charms a dit…

This was fun. Istanbul is a very interesting place. Been there two times for short visits. Love the photo of all the spices, and those beautifully decorated lamps are to die for. The inside of the Mosques are so designed with such lovely details. Thanks for this part of the cruise. Can't wait to see some of my favorite Greek Islands, next.

Rural Revival a dit…

Yes, I need sun!!!

Lovely photos in this post Catherine. Hope you are feeling better.


Eva a dit…

Wow!! This is a good trip!! Great pictures.
See you in Greece ;)

Louise a dit…

I would love to go on a cruise and your photos make it look so colouful and exciting!

BonjourRomance a dit…

Bonjour Catherine,
What a fabulous trip, you did a lovely job on the photos. Everything looks so wonderful.
Looking forward to Part 2