lundi 1 février 2010

La Chandeleur. Pancake day

The " Chandeleur " 's Day is on the 2nd of February." Festa Candelarum",Candelora in Italian,Candelaria in Spanish,Candlemas in English , Lichtmess in German and Lichtmis in Netherland . La Chandeleur ,comes from the word "Chandelle" in french and is the feast of the light, the end of winter and the lenghthening of the days (2hours more light!), symbol of Purification ,referring to  religion, Fertility and Prosperity.
The candlemass were kept all year lighted in churches to prevent from evil, death and lightning...and call upon good crops for the coming year. It 's a mixture of religious and antique pagan beliefs!  This day we are making pancakes,  why pancakes?  because they symbolize the return of the sun , their round shape , their yellow color and the fact that they have been made  with the cereals of the past year means that the crops was good.
It's 40 days after christmas; On this day you have to make pancakes  and while cooking keep a coin into your hand for prosperity then shake the pan to turn the pancake over .
I think the best "Crèpes " ( pan cakes) are those made in Brittany , they are our specialists !
In Normandy we  eat them with apple gelly and a glass of cider!!!  There are sweet ones and salted ones.
on this day there is a saying:  IF IT'S CLOUDY SPRING WILL COME SOON  . but  IF IT'S  SUNNY WINTER WILL LAST  6 more weeks!!! keep an eye on the weather tomorow !
                     Happy Candlemass! Buana Candelora! Frohliche Lichtmess!

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ozma of odds a dit…

...I adore really thin pancakes!! and fluffy ones with chocolate chips and blueberries, and I especially love potato pancakes!!! I think I'll celebrate the coming of longer days right along with you!!!! xo

Pilar a dit…

No conocía ese "dicho" de la candelaria ,mañana me fijaré mucho en si brilla el sol o no y te contaré.
Por cierto ,esas tortitas tienen una pinta fabulosa ,entran ganas de probarlas ,jajaja!!!
Un abrazo Catherine.

Desde mi ventana a dit…

Jolie traditión.Mañana je vais essayer de faire des crêpes (j'ai toujours pensé que les meilleurs étaient les Français).
Bonne semaine,

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

I seem to have missed your last post. So sorry! I hope you are feeling better again. I liked you collection of hearts and the story about the 'lichtmis' you told us today! The pancakes look delicious!

Have a wonderful evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Oh, how I love crepes. I may try to make these tomorrow in celebration of Candlemas. In the U.S., there is always so much talk of "Groundhog Day" on Feb 2nd. I found it very interesting to learn more about Candlemas. Thank you, Catherine! Hope you're feeling completely better soon! -Tammy (also, your St. Valentine decor is lovely!)

Sage a dit…

Quelle belle histoire et de beaux souvenirs! Ma mère parlait de la Chandeleur; tes crêpes ont l'aire parfaites.

Celestial Charms a dit…

This look so tasty. Great for a cold winter's day.

love lives in the kitchen a dit…

what a beautiful recipe! thank you for sharing!
i'm sorry that i missed the giveaway.. next time i'll not!
have a very sweet day!