jeudi 25 février 2010

Glimpse of Russia

I have never been to Russia, but  Romain,  my son gave me a wonderful book as a xmas present  about this country.I wanted to share with you these moving pictures of  russian women and of the beauties of their country. I love russian dolls, they are so colorful.
I bought this mug  and the spoon from a russian boat at the Armada.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures, have a nice day.( You may click on pictures to enlarge)

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It's me a dit…

What a beautiful pictures !! and nice dolls also...........have a gret day too.

Greetz Ria

maurakeith a dit…

Catherine what beautiful pictures! The Russian people love colour don't they and the beautiful needlework they do is just amazing. I have seen those dolls that fit inside each other...such workmanship! I had two friends years ago who's mother's came from the Ukraine and they looked and dressed like these Russian women..they never did learn to speak English but they seemed to get along just fine. Lovely people. I hope you have a wonderful day Catherine!

Pilar a dit…

Las matriuskas rusas han llenado de colorido tu post de hoy ,Catherine!!
Me encantan las imágenes del mercado y de la arquitectura rusa tan característica de ellos .
Sabías que hay quién dice que ese tipo de muñecas ,en realidad ,no son una tradición original de los rusos,sino que provienen de Japón??
Un abrazo enorme y feliz jueves ,aquí hace un temporal terrible!!!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Very pretty. The dolls are adorable.


Auntie Cake a dit…

Hi Catherine!
I love stopping by here as your pictures always carry me to far off places. I love your stacking dolls and the pictures from your book are so alive and vibrant.

I also enjoyed the flowers and garden pictures. I can't wait for spring, but I know I will have to patiently wait for three feet of snow to melt before I can greet my old friends in my garden!

Sage a dit…

What beautiful pictures with so much meaning!love it.

Julie Harward a dit…

Just beautiful...I have always loved these little dolls! :D

Catherine a dit…

TO Pilar: hope you hada good day , thank you for your visit ! have a nice evening , see you soon. cATHERINE

Mom's Coffee Time a dit…

What a beautiful blog you've been producing. I love all of your pictures. Blessings to you! ~Amy

Diane a dit…

Catherine, again...beautiful photos! This post and the one prior to this one. My favorite one is of the elderly woman praying....