mardi 16 février 2010

English Roses

I hope you had a nice Valentine day. Today, i was inspired by the beautiful book of David Austin    "English Roses ".I love old English roses shapes and perfumes, they are my best flowers. This book is very useful when you want to grow roses, it tells you how to look after your roses and shows some nice pictures at the same time.

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Celestial Charms a dit…

Catherine, such beautiful roses. And the very pretty.

claudia a dit…

ciao, I also love very much the roses, specialy the white roses.
have a nice day!
ciao Claudia

Jackie a dit…

David Austin are the best English roses.I love the cup and saucer from Cornwall. It is a lovely post with gorgeous flowers and cakes!! Jackie in UK.

@nne a dit…

Quelle merveille. Bonne soirée, @nne

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

David Austin's roses are among my favourites. I believe I have two of them, under which the Contance Spry, in my garden! The chocolate macarons from Ladurée look heavenly! I am glad you are feeling a bit better :-)!

Have a nice evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Chani a dit…

Beautiful pictures! I see you've got the Ladurée book, is it good? I love their logo so much! (but the macarons not really lol!)
Love, Chani

It's me a dit…

What a beautiful roses !! i like them verry much.

My life consists out flowers and more flowers.........i like them all!

I by them and i sell them !!

I like your pictures,.....i come back soon !

Greetz have a flowerful evening ! Ria

Desde mi ventana a dit…

What a beautiful roses ,it's a happiness to visit today your blog.
Good evening,

Annalisa a dit…

What a beautiful roses,Catherine!The teacup is wonderful, sweet and lovely post as always!
Have a lovely evening

Pilar a dit…

Hola Catherine!!
Acabo de entrar a visitarte ,me ha encantado el post del domingo dedicado a tu madre,me ha llenado de añoranza y nostalgia ,me ha hecho recordar a los que ya no están conmigo y con los que tanto disfrute los veranos de mi infancia...realmente emotivo!!
Tus rosas son preciosas,me recuerdan que pronto llegará la ansiada primavera.
Un abrazo enorme para ti.

sweet bay a dit…

I love the English roses, although I must look at them in other people's gardens -- they don't do so well here. They are so beautiful!

Leslie a dit…

Beautiful roses and photos. I can't wait till I can play in my little garden.

Natasha a dit…

Oh what beautiful pictures! I love roses of any kind but yours are just stunning! I love every single picture.

Best wishes,

teddy bears Marin to Venice a dit…

Bellissimo post....bellisssime rose !
il tuo blog è sempre più bello !
è un vero piacere guardare tanto buon gusto e raffinatezza.


Catherine a dit…

To Pilar:como estaba el compeano de tu hermana? muchas gracias para tu comentos.He olvidado decir feliz compleanos a tu hermana!si me acuerdo era el 14 de Febrero.buen dia, y muchas gracais.CATHERINE