mercredi 24 février 2010

cosy corner of the garden

I like to have a cosy corner in my garden, a quiet place in the shade  to relax. I have got  a hammock   in which i like to be rocked by a breeze. At night during the hot days of summer  we used to stay in our hammock late a t night to watch the stars especially in august there are a lot of shooting stars. The perfume of the roses and lavender  spreads in the garden  and it's a real moment of quietness.

8 commentaires:

Desde mi ventana a dit…

Refreshing and beautiful images. We are waiting for spring and we wish to to enjoy the flowers. Thank you for this small advance.
Bonne soirée,

Emmas utsikt a dit…

How lovely written, I can imagine you in the hammock, and all the scents. Womderful pictures.


the print of my daugthers hands is at age 2 weeks. Petite petite. :D

It's me a dit…

Spring please come soon...............i enjoy your pictures so much Catherine !!

They make me verry happy

Till next time hugs Ria

Carolyn a dit…

Hi Catherine,
Beautiful garden! Laying in a hammock in your lovely garden sound like a perfect way to enjoy the evening.

maurakeith a dit…

Hello Catherine,
Your photo's make me dream of spring..unfortunately that's all I'll be doing for a while as we have a chance of snow for the next couple of days. Oh well...nothing we can do about it. Thank you for your help with my blog was very kind of you!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Beautiful pictures--so peaceful and quiet.

Have a great day!


Leslie a dit…

As we await another few inches of snow tonight.. You offer more beautiful pictures that remind me of spring ~ So pretty! Can't wait!

BusyLizzie a dit…

beautiful blog..... it might even help my french when I visit, best wishes, Lizzie