jeudi 18 février 2010

Blue, blue, blue....and oatmeal and sultana cookies

This morning i baked some " oat- meal and dry grapes cookies "
 20 mn preparation-bake 15mn
120 gr butter 0,26 lb

250gr brown sugar
1 egg (50gr- 10 teaspoons)        
200 gr flour 0,8 cup
140gr oat meal 0,56cup
200gr dried grapes 0,8cup
1 teaspoon baking powder
salt,,  cinamon and vanilla

1-Mix flour and baking powder.
2-Mix brown sugar,egg,vanilla,cinamon  salt.and butter.
3-Add the dried grapes to the flower and baking powder.
4-Mix flour mix and butter mix together.
5- make little balls and  flatten on greased baking tray
oven210°C- gas 7 for 15mn.
Blue, blue, blue....
The color of summer, the color i prefer! have a good day.

Today I had an award from Annalisa, Cooking easy .she has a cooking blog where i find inspiration.Her blog is well explained and she cooks Italian and you will find all sorts of recipes!
THANK YOU Annalisa!!!

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Sage a dit…

I love blue! makes everything more peaceful and serene; that's why I married a blue eyed guy(but he's not always serene) ah! ah!
Those cookies look so good and one of our favourites but I never heard of dried grapes; raisins right? dried grapes sound so much better and gourmet. Great post.

It's me a dit…

Jammie jammie !! delicious !!

And what a beautiful pictures again...oh.and i found your home !!

Nice !!!

Have a great day ! enjoy !

Greetz Ria

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonjour! Blue Blue Blue, so so so my color! The cornish ware is adorable!!


love lives in the kitchen a dit…

hello! your cookies look just great. let me bake them, i love cookies! the selection of blue pictures is adorable!
have a sweet day,

Pilar a dit…

El azul es mi color favorito,me encanta,me llena de templanza y energía al mismo tiempo... está dando color a las cosas que más me gustan y quiero:el mar ,el cielo ,los ojos de mi niña...definitivamente es "mi color" !!
Catherine,esas galletas tienen una pinta deliciosa, con un cafecito resultarían perfectas para mí.
Un besote enorme.

Leslie a dit…

Ihe cookies look delicious!!!!
I am looking forward to seeing more blue too!!! Can't wait for summer.

Micky a dit…

look Delicious... !!! we are waiting the spring with impatient... Here is raining all the time!!!..


P.S.(No news... yet!!!..)

maurakeith a dit…

OH my Catherine you made my mouth water! I love blue dishes...I have Blue Willow china and other items that are blue and white in my dining room. It's such a peaceful colour. I love the Cornish Ware! Thanks for sharing your recipe and I hope you have a wonderful day! Maura

Catherine a dit…

Para Pilar:el color azul me gusta mucho como un color que me desperta( yo no me acuerdo si es el nombre corecto, voy a buscar mi dictionary para la proxima vez!!!) buena tarde a tu y familia. Besos Catherine

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine, congratulations on your award! I totally agree with the giver, you deserve one!

Your cookies look very healthy & tasty. The girls and I baked some cupcakes this weekend. We all enjoyed it very much :-) Baking is such a great occupation.It takes your mind of everything.

Have a happy evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

La Maison a dit…

Vous avez un blog sympa, je reviendrai, je vous suivre.

au revoir


Celestial Charms a dit…

Blue was my Mother's favorite color, so it is very special to me. Soothing, sophisticated, and heavenly are words that come to my mind, when I think of blue. Your cookies look delicious. Funny, yesterday I made a batch of oatmeal and mini chocolate chip cookies with little bits of almonds added...yummy!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Congrats on the award!
Not much of a blue person but your pictures are pretty.
Those cookies look yummy too.


@nne a dit…

Bleu lavande, ciel, grec, hollandais ... c'est une couleur qui apporte beaucoup de fraîcheur. Bon weekend, @nne