dimanche 28 février 2010

Birthday table

Today it is Maud's Birthday party, as she thinks she is getting old (25...) I did a child birthday party! On the table i displayed some of her favorite books and some little toys. Sweets were evrywhere ,( the sweets we used to buy after school on our way home) some poppy lemonade and some caramel muffins with a caramel sauce! I made a saussage pie!
On each plate i put a page of her favorite book ( a scout book, "copain des bois) because when she was little she liked to go fishing with her grandfather.They were very good friends, went cycling and fishing together.
I  made little canvas with her school picture on it for each of us.
Her school photos have been cut and glued on slates and put on little easels.
Unfortunately Romain was not there, he was busy in Paris! On the 8th of March it will be his Birthday , so i have to think about a new theme of decoration next week! i HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR WEEKEND!!!

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Julie Harward a dit…

Oh...You are a wonderful mother..God bless you! Have fun with all those birthdays! (Mine is tomorrow!) :D

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

Congratulations on your daughters birtday! You are such a sweet mother to make all these beautiful cakes, the pie & decorations for your daughter. She must have felt very special!! Wish you a lovely day!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Eva a dit…

Hi Catherine,
wonderful party for your daughter. She can be very proud of her mum!!
Have a nice week

BonjourRomance a dit…

Bonjour Catherine,
Happy Birthday to your daughter, how lucky she is to have such a sweet mother as you. The sausage pie looks beautiful.
Enjoy the day

It's me a dit…

Catherine.......you are a wonderful mother !!

Great table ,yammi yammie !! all the things i like eveything !!

Enjoy !!! and congratulations with your daughter !!

Greetz Ria

Pilar a dit…

Catherine .qué fiesta mas dulce y llena de recuerdos!!!...eres una madre muy detallista ,siempre tratando de agradar a los tuyos.
Muchas felicidades para tu hija ,ojalá hayais pasado un día fabuloso.
Un abrazo enorme y feliz comienzo de semana

Sylvia a dit…

Great idea, Catherine !
Nice table, that pie looks delicious.
And I see a sweet teddybear !

Have a nice week,

Emmas utsikt a dit…

wow! What a wonderful idea! How creative and decorative! It´s more than my 3-year old had at his birthday this winter.

Remind her that she used to rollerscate indoors. ;)

All the best!

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Such a pretty table arrangement, Catherine! How sweet is the picture of Maud in the middle.... Must have been a great party today! For now, sit back, relax and re-enjoy all the lovely moments of the day....
A beautiful new year for your sweetest Maud.

Have a wonderful week!

Isobel a dit…

What a beautiful table, Catherine! Very original and thoughtful.

Sage a dit…

Come tu es une bonne maman;love everyhing you did on the table; and that sausage pie is beautiful. happy Birthday to you Maude!

Paris Pastry a dit…

I can tell there went a lot of love into that table setting! You're never too old for a child's birthday party. Birthday wishes to Maud.

maurakeith a dit…

What a beautiful and creative way to decorate for your daughters birthday! The table looks beautiful and the food..well it made my mouth water just looking at the pictures..especially that pie. The French in Canada have a meat pie that is a tradition...yours is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you have a wonderful week..take care. Maura

Celestial Charms a dit…

Such thought and love was put into the decorating. Everything looked fabulous and I'm sure all was deeply appreciated.