dimanche 14 février 2010

Scents of the Past.

Do you remember the scents in your grandmother's home? the cake in the oven , the scent of lavender in her wardrobe, hot chocolate, toasted bread and jam, our memories unconsciously is the nourishment of our emotions. The strategical point of the house been the kitchen. The kitchen cupboard full of diferent scents, spicies, coffee, herbs...It's reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen cupboard , it was a mixtures of chocolate and coffee. In the room close to trhe kitchen she kept the pots of jam from the garden and in a cooler room apples and pears of the year and vegetable preserves from our grandfather's garden. My grandfarther had a big vegetable garden and we love to play hide and seek in the asparagus! He also had a big henhouse at the back of his big garden and an orchard. In the cooler room my grandmother also kept her cheeses ( as in France you must keep cheeses in a cool room , not in the fridge !) inn a food safe.
A little river was crossing the garden, there was a little park with  very old and huge trees and a poud ! so we were told , the granchildren , that a monster was living in it...if i remember only two fell in ( we were 21 grandchildren.... my grandmother had 9 children!!!)This little river called " L'oison " was facsinatings for us , we used to  do paper boat's racing.I fall once head first in the river, i can remember as if it was yesterday, i felt so guilty and scared! 
In the evening in summer it was very cool because of the river and the scents of the flowers, especially the roses was given off. As a separation of the flower garden and vegetable garden there was a boxwood hedge, but the smell of it was not my favorite! I hope this post has reminded you of your childhood , the good old " souvenirs ".( I this idea by reading each week , my  American friend: Childhood memories  " Celestrial charms " visit her blog : Monday with Mother is the story of her childhood with her mother every Monday and Friday with Father. I love her stories full of tenderness.
These page are taken from  a this book, you have artificial scents inside it.

this is the example.

hot chocolate.
Apples in the cellar.
Cider, wine and corks.
Spicies in the kitchen.

Fruits and vegetables...
The laundry, scents of lavender and washing powder....

Old books in the library...
Flowers and cut grass in the garden...
I chose a video for you of a " PARFUMEUR " in the town of GRASSE in the south of France.( i visited it , it's enchanting!!!)

Here is the website of a famous shop in Paris: L'Artisan Parfumeur - Paris

Here are the pictures of me and my father ( the first granchildren) and with my mon at my grandparents.
The painting is from: Robert Spear Dunning (1829-1905) HARVEST OF CHERRIES 1866.
This post is dedicated to my mother for her 82 's Birthday. "Happy  Birthday  Mom!

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LiseLotte a dit…

Yes I remember my grandmothers cinnamon-buns. She used to warm them up in the oven. They tasted so good.

Happy Valentine´s Day!

Desde mi ventana a dit…

Beautiful post Catherine,I will visite Celestrisl right now,
Have a nice sunday,

Ascension a dit…

Catherine!!!!!!!!!Feliz Cumpleaños para tu mami.Es un placer pasarse por tu blog, haces soñar y recordar....., me encanta.
besitos ascension

Isobel a dit…

Beautiful post, Catherine. The pictures are a delight to the eyes.
Happy Birthday to your mum!

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

I enjoyed reading about your family very much. The pictures you posted are beautiful! You look like a very happy child to me.

I know what you mean about scents taking you back in time.

Hope you are feeling a bit better! I am enjoying your beautiful gifts very much!

Have a lovely evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Leslie a dit…

My fathers mothers house smelled like rum cake and coffee.

It's me a dit…

Hai catharine

Beautiful post ! nicely written..........and again beautiful pictures,i have post today also something about mine mum...

Mayby you will read it??

Please let me know,............greetz Ria

Cottage Cozy a dit…

I send my wishes to your mother for her birthday too...Happy 82nd!

@nne a dit…

Bonjour Catherine, to blog est vraiment très charmant ... les photos, cette ambiance chaleureuse. Bien contente de découvrir ton univers! Cordialement, @nne

Sage a dit…

Quels bons de doux souvenirs; merci.J'espère que tu as passé un beau Valentin;c'est bon chez toi.


Quel merveilleux post qui me replonge dans de beaux souvenirs d'enfance... des personnes aimées, des lieux chéris, des odeurs inoubliables, tout reste enfoui dans nos mémoires et ces quelques photos ravivent mes souvenirs!
Merci très sincèrement, pour tout cela et pour ce livre dont je m'empresse de noter le titre.
And Happy Birthday to your Mummy ...
Belle journée et à tout bientôt.

maurakeith a dit…

Such a beautiful post and it brought back many wonderful memories of my Grandparents. I can still smell the lavender my grandmother kept in a little wicker basket with an attached lid in her drawer and scented French soaps to make her clothes smell wonderful. She smelled of lilacs and violets...she was from England. She raised me along with my Grandfather from age 7 to 17...I miss her. Thank you Catherine for these happy thoughts this morning.

Nezzy a dit…

What a beautiful post! Yes, scent triggers the most vivid memories and it is the least used tool in education. Your pictures are lovely as usually!

Ya'll have a beautifully blessed day!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti a dit…

Delightful post Catherine! Scents can bring back so many pleasant memories. I enjoyed the video.

Happy birthday to your Mother!

Celestial Charms a dit…

Happy Birthday to your sweet Mother. God Bless her. Such a lovely photo of her. What a beautiful post, and thank you for kindly mentioning my blog. I too, love when you post photos from your past. They are such a big part of who we are. I enjoyed reading about your Grandmother's home and all your memories.
I don't have any kitchen aromas from my Grandmother, but I do have pleasant memories of her bathroom. I recall the smell of her favorite scent, Jean Nate...body lotion. And she had a lovely smelling powder puff she kept there too. Have a wonderful week, Catherine.