mardi 5 janvier 2010

The Three Wise Men and "la Galette des Rois"

We have a custom on  the first Sunday of January ( in fact the whole month !) which consists in eating a special cake , which we call a " Galette ".This is a flat pastry with almond cream inside (but now you find apple, chocolate...) but the real one is with almond cream inside! well! this galette has something inside it , that we call a " fève "( at the origin it was a bean .This galette  is supposed to be on the day the " Three Wise Men" came to see Jesus and brought him presents (Melchior,Gaspard and Balthazar ) The Epiphanie.This " galette des rois " exists since the 13C, at first the fève was a bean, then a gold coin and now china . We cut the " galette " and the person who gets the "fève" is the king or the queen and must choose his king or queen and at the same time he must buy the next " galette "! this is why we put weight on in December and January! And  the dentists are quite happy mending all the broken teeth!!!

Have good day!

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Eva a dit…

We have the same tradition but tomorrow, and the cake is slightly different. Who finds the "bean" pay the cake and who find the little weisman can wear the crown :). Tomorrow the three wise men will leave gifts for everybody. It is the most important day for kids in the Spanish Christmas (well and also for the adults :) )
And finally tomorrow Christmas for us will be over.
I will take a picture for you of our "Roscón de Reyes" (the cake)

BonjourRomance a dit…

Enjoyed your explanation of la Galette des Roi. Being an American living in Paris I have come to love this tradition - perhaps a bit too much though, I have no will power when it comes to all that almond cream.
Hope this first week of 2010 is fabulous for you!

Sage a dit…

Bons souvenirs; merci. We used to celebrate (les Rois) another feast and more food. My mom would make a special cake with a bean; whoever was the lucky one was le Roi. Had not heard this in years.they coincided this with Little Chrstmas; the ukrainian Noel.

Annalisa a dit…

Hi Catherine,
I don't know if you've seen, but on your last post of yesterday I left you a comment saying I would like to give you an award..just go and read it, if you want the award..if not, just tell me!

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

Your gallette looks delicious! Good to hear the tradition/story behind it!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Celestial Charms a dit…

What a lovely tradition, and your gallette is beautiful. I wish I could have a taste!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Yummy yum.
Have fun. :)