mardi 12 janvier 2010

Scottish scenaries.

I am very found of  Scotland and while i was tidying some pictures,  I found these three that may interset you. I find them beautiful , the wild spaces and the differents lights makes Scotland!

This is the coastal road from Laide looking to An teallach in wester Ross.

Loch Maree and its islands .

Glen Docherty and Loch Mree ( wester Ross)
I hope you enjoyed these pictures. ( you may click on the pictures to enlarge)

4 commentaires:

Feelings a dit…

Hello, there!
Very nice to meet you! Thank´s for your visit!

Have to say, your blog is fantastic. So many beautiful images!
And I adore your cute dogs!!!

Hope to see you again soon!


Nezzy a dit…

Catherine, these are spectacular pictures. I enjoyed them very much, thanks for givin' this Ozarks chick a little taste of Scotland!!!

Have a blessed day sweet one!

marita blücher a dit…

Dear Catherine,
Many thanks for your warming words on my blog. What fantastic pictures - i´d love to visit Scotland.
Have a nice day !

Maggie B a dit…

Bonjour Catherine,
Thanks for stopping by my blog it's great to meet another Normandy blogger
Your snow scenes look just like mine!