vendredi 8 janvier 2010

The old school days in France.

In my childhood we used to have purple ink to write with an ink pen on our wooden desk.The picture I chose was exactly my classroom in my primary school.

It doesn't seem to me very far,  but when I use a computer now it seems to be of an old age , far, far away....
I remember using my ink pen and an ink pot on my desk, you had to fill it every week and put some wax on your desk every term! we also used ablotting paper under the hand while writing ( which was not convenient! )

My parents wore black overall but for my part we wore any color at primary school and blue one at boarding school in my secondary studies and navy blue and white uniforms!!!

When we had good marks ,we were rewarded with some " bons points ", 10 bons points= 1 image.

At the end of term you had  another reward "Le tableau d' honneur "

My parents had to wear  "bonnet d'ane "

i also wrote with a piece of chalk on an " ardoise "!

Tis was the pictures taken at school ( not mine!)

 How were your school days, were they different ?

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Celestial Charms a dit…

What a lovely post about schooling. I love all the photos you showed us. My school experience was quite different. Firstly, I attended a Catholic school that required everyone to wear plaid uniforms. We wrote with pencils first, then regular ball point pens. There were about 25 children in each class. Your classroom looks so cozy and inviting. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Country Dreaming a dit…

Being the teacher that I am, i am always interested in other peoples
school experiences.
I went to public school-elementary and high school. Wore regular clothes-no uniforms.
We used pencils and paper and theen ink pens.
In high school-I took a typing class and we used both manual and
electric typewriters.
Computers came later.