mercredi 6 janvier 2010

My visit to Canada " QUEBEC ".

Ten years ago it was the first time i went to canada, it was in Febuary, we rented a car and off we went. We arrived in Montréal. the next day we left for Ottawa and then to Mauricie to "la Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc " where we spent a few days with the children.We did  a lot there .The people there are very friendly and we felt at home.We rented a cottage, there was quite a lot of snow and it was very cold minus35°C(because of our snowy day, i remember these holidays.I took some pictures on there site because at the time we did not have any numeric camera, but i wanted to show you this nice place full of souvenirs for me)

This was exactly our cottage!

This is the lake i crossed with Romain when it was frozen, in fact it was too far!

The children played hockey and really had fun!

Maud had her 15th birthday there and Gaston the owner took her for a long ride and she was driving!

We went on a plane that took off from the frozen lake, we did some fishing and had dog sledge (i don'n know the exact word, sorry)

It goes very fast   and i really did not feel safe...Then when we left after a few days we went to Quebec and then back to Montréal. It was really an adventure , we had snow storm on the motorway and very low temperatures but we were warm welkomed by  our "cousins "this how they call us ,French people!

The place is called "La Pourvoirie du lac Blanc " and is at Saint Alexis des Mont which is a nice little village.

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Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

What a wonderful holiday that must have been!

And that is some cottage! Beautiful!

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

And I love your daughter's name of Maud...

Sage a dit…

What beautiful memories you made!
Tu es plus brave que moi avec les chiens et le traineau. Love those pictures.

Velva a dit…

Wow! what a wonderful adventure-Amazing. What wonderful stories you could tell about the trip. Thanks for taking the time to share it with all of us.