mardi 26 janvier 2010

Deauville et Le Harras du pin dans l'orne

Département de l'Orne.

Today i'm going to show you a nice part of Normandy where they breed "Thoroughbreds ".This is in the département  de l'Orne , where "the Harras du pin" is located .This place is  known as "The Versailles of the Horse ", it's located  on a 1000ha ground . Louis  the 14th  wanted his horses to move from Paris to the country  and chose this place known as "le Buisson d'Exmes near the town of Argentan. They built the castle first in 1723 and then the stables in 1717 and  transfer the horses from Paris ;This is now the place where they select and improve the breeds to get at first strong horses for the battles and wars and now for their beauty and perfection. They use it to renew the breeds of Normand and  English thorougbreds.

This is "le Harras du Pin "

The wellknown place  where  a big Yearling sale takes place in August is DEAUVILLE ( the American festival takes place every september)

The Normandy one of the Palaces where the actors stay duering the festival.

The sales of Yearling  rich people come from all over the world.
Raoul Dufy


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Ascension a dit…

Catherine, me encanta visitar tu blog.No necesito viajar para conocer nuevos sitios jejejejejej.Unas fotos preciosas.besitos ascension

Sage a dit…

C'est vraiement intéressant! Du nouveau pour moi. Great photos and pictures; merci.

Pilar a dit…

No te puedes imaginar lo que ha disfrutado mi pequeña con las fotos de los caballos ....hemos estado las dos frente a tu blog un buen rato apreciando la belleza de tus imágenes.
Gracias por permitir que nos traslademos a lugares tan maravillosos sin movernos de nuestro hogar.Un abrazo enorme.

Rural Revival a dit…

What beautiful horses! I agree with Ascension, who needs to travel when you show us the sights!

Be well!

Eva a dit…

What a pictures!! Wonderful place and horses!!