jeudi 21 janvier 2010

Beautiful gardens :Monet's garden and Miromesnil.

From the conservatory or the sunhouse, there is one step to do before the garden. This beautiful garden is close to my home and is in Giverny, it is Monet's house.I love to have a  walk through this lovely garden (only during the week, because it's over crowded the week ends) one day during the week the garden is closed to leave the place to the painters . the colors of the garden changes with the seasons, it is closed during the winter of course and re open for Easter.The village by itself is a nice place to visit . ( my pictures)

On this picture you can see Monet's house.

The Japanese bridge.

The Nynpheas.

Miromesnil garden.

You can see these  painting in the museum of the " ORANGERIE " in Paris .( this is worth seeing ,if you go to Paris)

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Isobel a dit…

I love Monet's Garden. His painting are among my favourite ones. So calm and peaceful.

Bruxa da Montanha a dit…

Hi Catherine.
Greetings from Brasil.
I like your blog very much.
Thanks for so beautiful and sensitive posts.
Liked that you visited my blog too.
Be in touch.
Maria Lucia

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

This is one of the gardens I still want to visit. It looks beautiful on your pictures. You are lucky to live so nearby!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Catherine, you are so fortunate to live close to Monet's Gardens & home! Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. -Tammy

Susie a dit…

Monet is my absolute favorite!! I based my bathroom decor on the Miromesnil garden:-)

Desde mi ventana a dit…

Très interesant ton post Catherine,les jardins sont bien jolies tu es hereuse d'ètre si près.

Eva a dit…

I love Monet and impressionism in general (Van Gogh, renoir...).
Thanks for sharing the pictures of his garden and also the painting to compare. It is great!:)

teddy bears Marin to Venice a dit…

Ciao Catherine,

If I could enter that marvelous gardens... I would not go out anymore!


Country Dreaming a dit…

Oh golly--they are BEAUTIFUL. How I would love to see this!

Have a great Friday!


LENE a dit…

I love Monet and his paintings!
Lovely photos you are viewing.
Have a great weekend!

BonjourRomance a dit…

Bonjour Catherine,
Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos of Monet's gardens, he is one of my favorite artist.
I must make a point to visit again come Springtime.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Auntie Cake a dit…

How beautiful to see this in person! So lovely, wish I could sit and paint and dream the day away! Have a great weekend,

Diane a dit…

It's so easy to be inspired in that garden, isn't it!


Matty a dit…

My wife would love that place. She is a garden girl.

Velva a dit…

I love these photos. Beautiful, serene and relaxing. I can see why you walk this garden once a week. In the Spring, when it re-opens it will be stunning. I hope that you will share this garden with us again.

Louise a dit…

I would love to visit Monet's garden, it looks like a beautiful place. Your photos are wonderful.

Jackie a dit…

What lovely photographs. My father visited the gardens once and said you have to get there as they open in the morning to take photographs etc... because of all the tourists. It looks very quiet when you took your pics.

I went to the Royal Academy, London a few years ago when they had a special Monet exhibition, it was wonderful.

Jackie in UK

Leslie a dit…

now is see the inspiration!! Beautiful! How lucky you are to live so close.