dimanche 20 décembre 2009


I wish you a good day!

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Natasha a dit…

I am wondering if you will make it to the shops today? Is the weather still bad? I can't believe how awful the weather is over there and in America. I hope you stay warm whatever you do.

Best wishes, Natasha.

PS your home looks so warm and cozy and beautiful!

Me a dit…

really like your blogg..is this inside your house...ohh how lovely...!

wishes you a happy holidays in advance!

Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sage a dit…

Bon Dimanche et Bonne semaine!

Diane a dit…

Your home looks so festive, Catherine! And comfortable!


Celestial Charms a dit…

Catherine, everything looks so pretty and cozy. I especially like all the little gingerbread men scattered amongst various places in your living room. Such a sweet touch. Have a happy Sunday.

Matty a dit…

Wow, what a cozy looking setting. They're beautiful.

Matty a dit…

You have a wonderful looking, happy family. You are blessed. Congratulations on 39, and here's to many more.

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

-happy sigh- More lovely photos of your home! Thank you.

Fluitenkruid a dit…

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for your kind reply on fluitenkruid. I'm looking around and I'm enjoying your beautiful X-mas home.
Have a nice day, Jannet

Carolee ~ ArtPodStudios a dit…

Hello and Happy Christmas Catherine!

I just stumbled upon your lovely blog.....enchanting.


Mrs4444 a dit…

So cozy and warm-looking; your home is beautiful!