mardi 8 décembre 2009


This is what i did today, but it's not finished yet .The inspiration will probably come tonight!!! Next part tomorrow.

5 commentaires:

Eva a dit…

I can wait to see what are you doing... Buenas noches Catherine :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

Oh how sweet! I too look forward to seeing what you are doing. :-)

Oh and I'll bet the Mincemeat Pies you remember, were so much more delicious than what we make now... From a jar.

Diane a dit…

Catherine, I don't speak French but I DO know that patisseries means baked goodies! Oh my! I'm thinking of donuts and pastries and things that are full of calories but oh, so delicious! Yummy!!

Ljusets Krigarinna ♥ a dit…

What a beautiful blog!
And the music.
Thank you.

Auntie Cake a dit…

Can't wait to see the rest! My friend turned her dining room into a patisserie. It was so whimsical and absolutely delightful.