mercredi 2 décembre 2009

The hidden part of my trip to Scotland!

I showed you some views of my trip to Scotland ( which is at the beginning of my blog.For those who haven't seen it i will tell more about it) My son and I had decided to do a trip together to Scotland,  place I already knew, but wanted to share this trip to this beautiful country with Romain.We planned together the trip and made our reservations from home.We've planned each day on paper and our itinerary, our night stops...When everything was ready, the rented car booked at airport .We left home one morning at 2o'clock, went to Paris and left via scotland. We drove to Fort William , it was a long and hard way on the left for me!Before arriving at Fort William  we decided to stop for a while , we looked at each other and we could not stop laughing , a nervous laugh...and my son told me he had been facing death! it was at Glen coe.i didn'nt want to stop before in case i could'nt carry on any further!!!The Scots are going so fast on the small lanes, that i was really scared and even more on the left, it was only the second time.Well i managed....but when we arrived at the b&b ,some people they were expecting had a serious car accident , so my fears overwehlmed me again, and we decided that maybe it would be rather safer to have a day walk the next day.But after a good night i decided to take the car as soon as we went! but before ,i wrote a little placard to put at the rear of the car :BEWARE FRENCH DRIVER! afterwards scottish drivers did'nt grumble behind my car, they laugh and were more friendly.We drove up the north west coast , went on the islands ,in the breweries and we stop in a lighthouse ,because it was one of my dreams to spend a night in a lighthouse. We have been very surprised when we went into the bathroom and saw the color of the water, it was terrible we couldn't stop laughing again, but what we did'nt know was that as it was in the middle of nowhere we had to....drink it(i've put a photo of the bath) we moved everyday and drove 2000km in a week. We saw marvellous places and fabulous gardens and it was good to be close to nature.Go to Scotland!

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Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

Oh my, you had to drink that?!? :-)

But you had a lovely trip, in spite of the feelings of worry.

Thank you for telling me [in my comments] that the "terrible day" post I saw, was the one about the car going into the Seine. Glad she survived. Hope she gets help with whatever caused her to attempt suicide. -sigh-

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

And again, I want to tell you how beautiful your home is. In regard to the photo at the top of your last post. Oh lovely!!!

I'm new to reading your blog, and don't know if you have posted more photos of your home. But! I just found your Libellés, with 'maison' and 'décoration.' Yes, now I know how to find them. Thank you!!!

Sharon a dit…

I love the sign in the car. What a smart idea!!! I was at a ski resort one time and the water was like that. Just awful and it smelled like sulfur. We moved on very quickly. LOL Your trip sounds so wonderful. I appreciate your sharing it with us. Sharon

Eva a dit…

Scxotland is one of my pendings trips. One of these years...
I can not stop smiling with "Beware French driver" :)
I can not imagine how difficult is to drive on the left side!!!
And the water!!! Ugh!!
A very nice trip with your son and to sleep in a lighthouse (tough the water was brown) was a wise move.
Good night

BonjourRomance a dit…

I really enjoyed reading about you and your son's hilarious Scottish adventure! It is indeed very difficult driving on the 'wrong side' of the road, it was great that you put the placard in the window.
I'm sure all the quirks you encountered will only make the trip even more special to the two of you.