dimanche 13 décembre 2009


Today I have been very busy, making xmas table decorations and baking  mini sausage rolls, minicheese tarts and gigerbread for xmas.Here are some pics of what i made!

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Eva a dit…

mmmmmm... so yummy... I never have made gingerbread ...I have to try...you always are doing a lot of things!! :)

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Oh, those look delicious! And your setting looks so festive and beautiful. Also, I'm enjoying your lovely background music :) Blessings, Tammy

Annalisa a dit…

Wonderful wonderful christmas table..everything looks so magic!Yummy biscuits :)
Great work, must have been a long and hard one!

Country Dreaming a dit…

Oh, goodness. Sausage rolls.

See you soom.


Alicia a dit…

C'est tout beau... et la musique c'est magnifique !!!!!

BonjourRomance a dit…

Everything looks so delicious, how busy you've been. I've never made gingerbread before, but after seeing this I may have to give it a try!

Bleudelavande a dit…

Mmmmm all look so delicious!!!! your Christmas decorations are really fantastic!!!! Where can I found the gingerbread recipe?
Have a nice day

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

Oh how lovely! I especially love pictures of candle light.

All your photos make me want to just "pop into" them. And go visit you. :-)