mardi 24 novembre 2009

Visit to New York

Today we are having the same weather as yesterday! I 'm going out this morning to see a decoration shop which is opening  in my town ( i should rather say village) i saw it yesterday through the window , it looks really nice.At the same time the workers in the garden are going to install the new fence pretty soon and today  the dogs are being  groomed (i hope it's the right word!) you will see them before and after...

Some years ago we all four went to New York and the children took their ice skates and went to skate in Rockefeller center and central park, it was in November and we had a lovely time there.They wanted to go to the fabulous toy shop Fao Swartz , we took the boat round Manhattan and the elicopter , this has been an unforgetable day for them and i must say for us too!

Then we went to Rowayton Connecticut to visit my aunt who has been living there for many years. It's a really nice place.

2 commentaires:

Annalisa a dit…

such lovely pics!
I love New York,lucky you!
Have a lovely evening,

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Catherine, what lovely pics! I hope you can return to New York someday. I am 49, and have lived in the U.S. my entire life and have never visited New York. I would love to go! -Tammy