lundi 9 novembre 2009

Tablescapes and decoration (from shops)

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Birgitte a dit…

Oh, what lovely pictures you are showing. Really nice shops where I easily could shop a lot. ;o)
Have a nice week. I will come back on visit soon again. ;o)
Hugs, Birgitte.

Country Dreaming a dit…

Very pretty tables and rooms.


Lene Christins verden a dit…

Its no to late. It`s a challange..
You must tell 7 things about you, that is tru.
Things that get us to know you better..
When you are finished, you challange 7 other blogs.
This is just for fun, dont do it if you dont want to..
Love from Lene Christin
Ps. Lovely table!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) a dit…

Oh My, such beautiful pics, I would love to visit this store! Cindy

Dragonfly Treasure a dit…

WOW such eye candy! I could sure spend alot in there!