lundi 9 novembre 2009


The  Santon has a Mediterranean origin . Its name comes from SANTOUN in provencal which means small saint. they are part of the CRECHE  (the representation of the nativity) they probably come from Italy (12 C) its at the end of the  (13C) that they have been introduced in France.During the French revolution (18C)  they had forbiden the christmas mass  and of course the" creche".This  is  why each family had its own special small representation of the nativity in its home!  ".They are always made with clay, because  in the Book of Genesis(11-7) God created  man from the dust of earth .In fact they reproduce the nativity and the old trades of Provence. In Provence each generation gives  the Santons to the other , and each one adds some new santons each xmas .  ( sorry  for my translation of the Genesis!)

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