jeudi 26 novembre 2009

Les Catherinettes ,Saints'day November 25th

Yesterday it was  Saint Catherine, here it's a special day. The tradition is that women of 25  who are not married yet ,have to make a special hat yellow and green for this day and go to parties .And on that day too, the gardeners plant trees ... as on this day it is said that all plants take roots! Before the girls used to bring to St Catherine in the churches their hats , maybe to get married in the year! This day is called the Catherinettes' day.Now it's the milliner's day too. Have a good day and a Good Thanksgiving!!!

2 commentaires:

Emmas utsikt a dit…

I have nver heard of this tradition. Wish I had been planting yesterday... :)


Sage a dit…

You brought me back. We always celebrated Ste Catherine.On faisait de la tire avec nos enfants;great memories.
We never hear abaout this anymore.
Thank you