jeudi 19 novembre 2009

The kitchen

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Emmas utsikt a dit…

I LOVE the lamp! Is it expensive? What brand is it?


grammy a dit…

Hi, I came by from Cozy Cottage. Fun to read your blog. Well,, I don't speak French so I missed some info. Thought I would tell you that my maiden name was Monseu (that is how my grandfather spelled it anyway. It could have been changed). My grandparents were French and came and settled in a mining town here in Colorado. My Father and his brother spoke French until they started school, then the Grandparents decided they should only speak English. I have always been sad to have lost the chance to have a second language. Nice to meet you in a blogger sort of way (o:

Diane a dit…

I love the patatiere (I hope I spelled it correctly!) It's so unusual. I've never seen one before.