lundi 30 novembre 2009

Highlands' skies

Some pictures of my trip to Scotland  (there  is a post  on my trip at the begining of my blog , to enlarge the views  just click on them) I wish you a good evening!

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from our front porch... a dit…

I just love your site! It is a beautiful place to visit.
I have been to France, England, but never to Scotland. Your pictures are wonderful..
Thank you for showing me another part of the world :)
Blessings, Misha

Sharon a dit…

Beautiful photo's. I would love to go to Scotland someday. Sharon

love lives in the kitchen a dit…

thank you for these beautiful pictures! highlands always make me dream...
have a sweet evening

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

Lovely photos. I would love to visit Scotland, as I am 1/4 Scottish.

I read blogs with Google Reader, which shows when people post new posts. A post [which told of today being a difficult day] shows on Google Reader, even though you have deleted it, I think.

So I am just saying that I'm sorry you had such a hard day...

Gentle hugs,
Aunt Amelia

Eva a dit…

Thanks for your best wishes, you are always so nice. See you tomorrow...I will cross my fingers...:)

Annalisa a dit…

oh, lovely lovely post...I fell in love with Scotland..have few pics on my blog about my trip to Scotland..I love highlands too, and did you visit Lowlands? I think they're a marvellous place as well.
Take care,

Diane a dit…

Oh, Catherine, I wish I could have been with you! I am reading a book, a trilogy, about Scotland. One of my favorite places for story settings. We've only been to England but long to visit Scotland also. Such a dream trip you've had!

I love your wedding dress. I'm not a fan of the new strapless designs. I think yours says so much more about the spiritual aspect of marriage. It isn't a fashion show - it means so much more than that!


Sage a dit…

Très beau et nostalgique!