dimanche 8 novembre 2009


Do you know Thomas HARDY's" TESS D'URBERVILLE"? 
T.HADDY (  1840 1928)
The book was published in 1891.
TESS , is HARDY's greatest tribute to the possibilities of human existance,for Tess is one of the greatest triumph of civilization : a natural girl.It deals with the struggles in the 19 C British society.
The picture of T.HARDY's cottage,in Higher Bockhampton,Dorset, is the birthplace of  T.Hardy.
This is a beautifull  county, with magnificent landscapes. I lived in this area for a year and i really enjoyed it! in fact i was living in WILTSHIRE , but i visited all the counties around during my stay. i 'll show you BATH  my favorite place, you'll see the Spa, the ROYAL CRESCENT . This town is fabulous with it's pedestrian streets and of course it's fabulous shops!!! Laura Ashley's, beautiful china shops, bookshops....

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