vendredi 27 novembre 2009

The Cotentin and Jean Francois MILLET

Cherbourg is situated on the Cotentin peninsula, a land beaten by the wind and rain. It's a rought land of little lanes and hedges where sheep and cows pasture far from the stress of the towns.The storms and the current are very strong. I like to go there to have long walks on the coastal lanes , where you have a nice view from the top of the cliffs, but you must'nt suffer from vertigo! My favorite place to have a nice view of the sea at night is the Goury lighthouse, it's nice to stroll on the beach there at sunset time.Jean Francois Millet is the painter of the place, he  was the witness of the peasants'life .The best known is " l'Angélus" (the third painting) and the fifth one was his house.I hope you enjoyed the visit!

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