samedi 14 novembre 2009

Cornish Pottery

I  went to Cornwall and I discovered the Cornish  pottery. I like the simplicity of it's striped pattern and it's lovely blue color .

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Eva a dit…

Bonne soirée à vous aussi. Have a nice Sunday :)

APO (Bem-Trapilho) a dit…

so beautiful! :)

Chani *Sucre et Cannelle* a dit…

Thanks so much for the message! I wonder really if there are so few shabby shops in France. No furniture at all? I'm not really looking for the English shabby style (too romantic, too many roses) but rather the nordic one... I really hesitate to get my furniture at Ikea or La Redoute, I0m sure there are better and more specific shops that have even shabby treated furniture.
I really liked the links you shared, thanks so much! I'm excited to see that there's a possibility to buy Lisbeth Dahl in France :) Where do you buy your treasures, do you order them abroad?
Love, Chani

The White Bench a dit…

Hello Catherine,
thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words! Your blog is a delight, glad you left a message so I could find you!
By the way, I love Cornishaware to pieces!!

Diane a dit…

I like Cornish pottery also. Very, very difficult to find in the US. So simple, graphic and humble and welcoming looking!

love lives in the kitchen a dit…

i love this pottery! i saw it once here in milan but it was very expensive... i would love to have some pieces for example this lovely jar...