jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Return in the past /ROUEN.

I have in my possesion some old chromos i wanted to show you and some knitting  taken from 'THE COUNTRY DIARY  BOOK OF KNITTING '. I  have been shopping in ROUEN, and i took my camera with me but as is was raining i could 'nt take as much photo as i wanted, but i could take some of the place where 'j Jeanne of arc' was burnt. There is now a modern church on the place which symbolizes the flames of the stake .( you 'll think we are a barbarious country ,but i reasure you it was long time ago  in 1431.( i pass the details)  my visit has a happy end fortunately ,with the macaron-shop of 'GRAN'MA OUZOU' this  is a fabulous shop to me.....Macarons are very good indeed!

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Mrs. G a dit…

Macarons are a very good idea, I agree.