mardi 27 octobre 2009

How to make your yogourts.

It's better for the planet,as you use glass pots,better for your health and easy to make.You can use a yogourt maker or your oven.

In your oven: you just have to put the glass pots directly in the oven (lowest temperature 40°c , for two hours, then switch off the oven and leave for6 hours.

I n the yogourt maker it takes about 10 to 12hours.

The basic yogourt recipe:  1full cream plain yogurt
                                        1liter full cream milk (or low fat ,with law fat they are more liquid)
                                        1 pot of low fat powdered milk, the whole ingredients must be at room temperature.Mix all the ingredients pour into the glass pots and put in the oven or yogourt maker.

Brownies  and nuts yogourts :

For the yogourt: 1 full cream plain yogourt (or low fat)
1liter full cream milk.

100gr brownies,( chocolate and nuts )
cut the brownies into small pieces.mix the milk with the yogourt and one pot of powdered milk.Add the brownies and mix.Pour into the glass pots and  put them into the oven or maker.Keep in the fridge  for about two hours.

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