vendredi 16 octobre 2009

En ce moment, il commence à faire froid surtout le matin.Il fait bon rester au coin du feu, je crois que mon week end va se passer bien tranquillement au chaud .Et vous, qu'allez vous faire? laissez moi un petit commentaire
pour me dire ce que vous allez faire!...

It's becoming to be cold her especially in the morning.It's nice to stay by the fire,i think i will spend my week end quitely . And you what are you going to do? Leave me a coment and tell me how you spent yours!

1 commentaire:

Country Dreaming a dit…

Hello again--

We've had some cooler weather here in the state of Kansas too.
Not ready yet. I do like the cooler weather but I'd like to have some warm days before it gets
too cold.
Enjoy your weekend--I plan to enjoy mine!!! :)