samedi 3 octobre 2009


Serves 4-6

1kg yellow-fleshed eating apples
about 4 tablespoons Armagnac or Calvados or Brandy
about 200gr unsalted butter, melted
12sheets filo pastry
4-5 tablespoons  caster sugar

1- Peel core and slice the apples.put them in a bowl and sprinkle with the liquor, then leave for an hour or two for the soft flesh to absorb the flavour.

2- heat the oven to 200°( 180 fan oven) gas  mark 6.

3-Brush a tart tin with melted butter and line with a double layer of filo pastry , leaving the edges untrimmed with plenty of  overlap .Brush with melted butter and cover with another 2 layers of filo. Continue with another two layers of filo. Brush  with more butter and cover with apple slices, dusting with sugar as you go. Cover with a double layer of filo, brush with butter and fold the flaps loosely over the top, crumpling them like an unmade bed. Drizzle with a little more butter.

4-Bake for 25-30 minutes until the pastry is crisp and well -browned- keep an eye on it and turn down the heat if it looks as if it will be burning. Sprinkle with a little more sugar and a trickle of extra liquor as soon as the pie comes out of the oven.Serve hot or warm.

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Chani *Sucre et Cannelle* a dit…

Hmmmm ça a l'air SI bon... j'ai sauvegardé la recette, j'espère que je peux l'essayer bientôt. Merci! Chani