dimanche 25 octobre 2009

The colors of the painter's palette

Today i went to buy some plants and flowers to put on my window sills. At the same time i took my camera with me , so i could catch the colors of the flowers. Don't you think the colours look like those of a painter's palette? then i decided to visit the place where i have spent my childhood, at La Bouille , a village by the river Seine. Each day i used to walk for school by the river and i really loved the scenary , the different colors of the river  acourding to the seasons. And  Autumn was my favorite! i went to pay a visit to one of the painters who has a gallery there, his name is : Jean-Pierre Dassonneville. If you want to know more about his paintings  (www.dassonneville.com)

The last pictures are from Pierre Corneille 's house (1650) he was a french dramatist ,this was his country house, with it's medieval garden and it's oven where they used to bake bread; i can say that i enjoyed my afternoon.

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