vendredi 18 septembre 2009

Petit séjour à Sceaux

Voici un petit aperçu du parc de Sceaux en Haute-Seine proche de Paris, ville où mon fils continue finalement ses études. Changement soudain d'itinéraire de Lyon vers Paris...
Here is an outline of the park in Sceaux, a city close to Paris where my son continues his studies. We change of itinary finally... from Lyon to Paris!

Me voila de retour! non sans mal, car la conduite parisienne est très difficile pour les provinciaux! Demain j'y vais de nouveau souhaitez moi bon courage...Départ 7h pour avoir le moins de circulation et un Samedi de préférence, j'espère que tout le monde va dormir tard, très peut être que je serais seule sur la route on peut rêver non?
J'aime beaucoup les jardins de Sceaux; en fait c'était une surprise pour moi, car je n'ai eu que trois jours pour trouver un logement et je ne connaissais pas cette ville. Mais la découverte reste très positive et  quand le voyage sera  fini je me sentirai déjà mieux. BON WEEKEND et à bientôt.

I'm back again ! it was hard, the parisian driving is quite dificult for the provincials! Tomorow i'll go back once more, wish me good luck...Departure at 7am in order to have as less trafic as possible and preferably on saturday, i hope they all be sleeping very late...and if i'm lucky i may be the only one on the road, we can dream no?
I love Sceaux's garden; in fact it was a surprise for me as i had only 3 days to find a student room for my son.But the discovery is positive and i'll feel better when the journey will be over.I wish you a good week end see you soon.

Exposition photographique dans le parc!
Photography exhibition in the Park!

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Birgitte a dit…

Nice pictures. ;O)
Just wanted to stop by to wish you a nice weekend.

Hugs, Birgitte

Isobel a dit…

Such a lovely park!
Enjoy Paris, I love it there! :)
Have a nice weekend. xx

Catherine a dit…

HELLO BIRGITTE I had a nice sunny week end. will you sell some xmas decoration in your shop this winter? wish you a nice week,bybye ,catherine

Catherine a dit…

You had nice pictures too!I hope you enjoyed it.I willgo to Paris again and take some more pictures soon. wish you a nice week;xxx catherine

Diana a dit…

Dear catherine
How nice to have you join my blog
You are my first person from a different contry to join, well except for canada. It will be fun to watch your adventures and your life in france. I too am a fan of Tasha Tudor, I love the way she lives her life and she did her way and did not follow social presures. I' am not that strong.
I live in a very rural area in north central washington u.s.a. We live a very quiet life here, my husband restores vintage cars and I am a weaver, spinner, knitter and quiltting, and a few other things too. So nice to have you

Catherine a dit…

Dear Diana

I was on line at the same time as you were,I'm also very glad to meet you.I also live a quite life in Normandy . I already have visited your country twice and went to canada twice as well, I mostly went on the east coast BOSTON, WASHINGTON,PHILADELPHIE AND NEW YORK .Thank you for visiting my blog and see you soon! catherine