mercredi 21 avril 2010

Beatrix Potter, "Peter Rabbit"

Voici une petite vidéo de mon personnage favori de Beatrix Potter, dénommé Peter Rabbit.
Here is a video of my favorite Beatrix Potter's character, the famous Peter Rabbit.

Le Lake district, région d'adoption de Beatrix Potter. Située au Nord de l'Angleterre, à la frontière de l'Ecosse, cette région fut une source d'inspiration inestimable pour l'auteur.
The Lake District was the favorite english region of Beatrix Potter. Located in the North of the country, at the border with Scotland, it was an amazing source of inspiration for the author.

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Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for this video about Lake District, too bad we don't have this kind of landscape in Germany :) Anyways beautiful video

Catherine a dit…

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you like the video!!! tomorrow my subject will be scotland . thanks again in fact your're my first comment on my blog!see you

les 4 saisons a dit…

MERCi catherine pour le sphotos du magasin

Pilar a dit…

Catherine ,a mí también me encantan los cuentos de Beatrix Potter!!!...y creo que este amor por sus personajes dulces ,en concreto por Peter Rabbit se lo estoy transmitiendo a mi pequeña.
De hecho además de cuentos,mi hija tiene una vajillita de Peter ,compuesta por un plato llano,plato hondo,y vasito donde come a diario.
Me han gustado mucho ambos videos y no me extraña en absoluto que esa región inspirase a Beatrix a la hora de escribir ,es absolutamente magnífica!!!!
Muchos besos Catherine .

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Good Morning Catherine! I LOVE Beatrix Potter and just yesterday I ordered the movie Miss Potter to watch this weekend...perfect timing for your post. My Nana (dad's Mum) was from the north of England. Next time I get over to see my sister I'd love to visit that area. Thank you for the videos and thank you for the lovely post! I hope you have a wonderful day. Maura

Sylvia a dit…

Hello Catherine,
I have a book 'Beatrix Potter at home in The Lake District'.
Very interesting, I also love her stories.
Have a nice evening,

love lives in the kitchen a dit…

i love peter rabbit! so sweet and beautiful. thank you for sharing and wish you a sweet day!

Auntie Cake a dit…

Hi Catherine,
I just have to say, what beauty you have in your life! I have been catching up with you, your walk, your sweet little rabbit visitors, your music... It's all so beautiful.

We love Beatrix Potter at our house too! I have all her Peter Rabbit DVD's. I didn't know that her inspiration was north, near Scotland. We just visited our friends in Alnwick, in North Umerland, I think that is correct, but sounds as if it is near her inspiration. Wish I had known that while we were there!

Enjoy your beautiful life!!!

Desde my Ventana a dit…

Hi Catherine,
I Love tales of Beatrix Potter and Peter is one of my favorites,
Have a lovely day,