lundi 23 février 2015

Lights of Normandy, Saint Valery en Caux.

Yesterday, we went to Saint Valery en Caux, a place on the coast i like to be.
It was the time of the highest tides, these tides are every 18 years. But the most spectacular ones will be next week.
It is about a hundred kilometres from home, so we go there quite often.
This is a quite place on the Normandy coast.
This is usually a high pear, but yesterday the tide was so high that we hardly see some of it.
This place is called: la maison Henry 4. Henry the 4th, had stayed there.
This is a typical house of the "Pays de Caux, which is a part of Normandy. Normandy , is divided in different part, "pays de Caux, pays de Bray, Pays d'Ouche...I actually live in the "pays du Roumois"
These houses are called "maisons à colombages.

These are the narrow streets of the old part, the one left after the second world war, as most of the town has been destroyed.
A view from up the cliff ( this was not taken yesterday)
bridge opening to let the boats in, the same as in Honfleur.
on a sunny day, see the different colours of the cliffs. 
we always end the day with a nice cake and cup of tea in this small "Salon de thé"
freshly decorated for Spring.We had a lovely day!

samedi 21 février 2015

Shabby angel lamp shades.

Some time ago, i found these two angel lamps
in a brocante. Painted white with a handmade lampshade, made of kraft paper and paper doilies. I found the idea on a magazine and had a try. This is the result.As, i make different lampshades, i can change whenever i want.
Another thing i found

On Sunday, i found these two angels, which i find very cute.
I will work, clean, paint and make two lampshades for them.
I have already made two lampshades for them

jeudi 19 février 2015

Valentine week end in BRUGES.

What about a week end in Bruges on Valentine's day.