vendredi 17 octobre 2014

DIY yoyos and show case makeover.

Hello friends,

I have got this small show case in a thrift shop and i wanted to paint it. I chose the colour from a piece of Japanese fabric i bought when i went to Creativa.
I had enough of it to glue with fabric glue in the inside.
With the rest of the fabric, i made some small yoyos.
and here it is.
Then with other beautiful Japanese fabric, i made some yoyos brooches with two sized yoyos.
This week end will be a warm sunny one here. I wish you a lovely week end!

vendredi 10 octobre 2014

What to do with vintage suitcase.

Today, i show you what i have done with vintage suitcases.
I have lots of magazines i want to keep and as the suitcases are in my bedroom, close to my bed; this is easy to catch a magazine and have a look at it in my bed!
They match with my bedroom deco now.
I wish you a good day!

jeudi 9 octobre 2014

My busy Summer.

Hello friends,
It have been a long time absent from my blog. I visited your blogs, but had no time to leave any comment...Now, i will have to catch up!
This summer, i went to a few flea markets and found this young girl statue
This vintage child bath
This vintage embroided underwear
This Napoléon III chair. I must get the green paint off and change the fabric of the sitting.
This is the fabric i chose.
Have painted these horns white
and covered the wood with paper... from my grocery shop!
crocheted some afghans when i was not too well.
found this vintage english wooden box , now full of dried flowers
angels waiting for a home made lampshade
a white painted table planter full of dried roses from the garden
the last roses from the garden.
Have a nice Fall and see you soon!