jeudi 21 mai 2015

Home and garden.

New flowers on my balcony. But each year, we have some birds nesting under the roof and i have to clean it very often.
This is the place where i relax,"when we are having sun!" not much sun in Normandy for the moment.
I have been painting my inside windows.
The after and before.
Must find some place in my craftroom. I did the furniture makeover some months ago.
I fond this to start a "cabinet de curiosites"
made a new lampshade using paper this time.
I will be busy redecorating another part of the house soon.
Hope you are having "Sun"!

dimanche 17 mai 2015

Spare room makeover.

Hello friends,

I have been busy redecorating a spare room( dog's room when i go out)
You can see the before color. it was my children's play room and the cupboard i kept their books in.(always inside..)
I did three stencils
Hope you are having a sunny week end! see you soon.

jeudi 9 avril 2015

Room makeover in progress.

Hello friends,
I have been busy theses weeks, redecorating a spare room. In fact this is the room my dogs stay in, when i go out. The little one Bandit has made lots of dammage and i had the idea to put ceramic on the wall, to prevent him to make " holes"! yes, he has been digging the walls.

This is an old chest of drawers, ( i hope he will not eat)
i have painted it and change the knobs.
Flowers and pots from  Ikea.

The door knobs picture is upside down, can't turn it?
these are porcelain from " bricorama" or the same at "Leroy Merlin"
the frames are from "Leroy Merlin"
i have painted one wall with " grey flamel"  and  one corner i have used white and grey bricks wallpaper.
I am making, white and grey toile small curtains, with white and grey dots hearts with a vintage " plumetis" monogramm found on E bay.
I have to make them and finish to paint a piece of furniture and one door...

 Let's have a rest for tonight!